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PostHeaderIcon About AMBO

The Association of Model Barge Owners. 

AMBO was founded to bring together people who are interested in Thames Sailing Barges and especially those who build and sail working models of Sailing Barges. 

AMBO Members publicise the building and sailing of Model Thames Sailing Barges by taking part in regattas, displays and maritime exhibitions. The Association maintains a fruitful link with the owners of full size Sailing Barges. 

Monthly sailing meetings are held on the Model Pond in Promenade Park, Maldon, Essex - on the second Sunday of each month. Members and others meet to exchange information and ideas, and to sail their Barges and any other models that interest them. Everyone is welcome. 

A programme of Sailing Barge racing events (Click Here for details) are arranged annually in order to develop the performance of working models of Sailing Barges. Anyone is welcome to take part. 

Members of AMBO, who come from all over the UK, are kept informed through an irregular newsletter that includes reports on events, articles and other useful information. 

AMBO has block insurance and may represent the interests of Model Sailing Barge owners where necessary. 


   Maldon is the home of a number of present day barges and organisations, including the Thames Barge Sailing Club (PUDGE and CENTAUR), The East Coast Sail Trust (THALATTA) and Topsail Charters (HYDROGEN, IRONSIDES AND THISTLE). Other barges regularly visit Maldon and it hosts the annual Blackwater Barge Match Race.

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