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Home >> Barge Building >> Build Reports & Building Tips >> Building a Thames Barge by Bob Smith - Part 1

PostHeaderIcon Building a Thames Barge by Bob Smith - Part 1

Part 1 


My name is Bob Smith and I last built a model boat about 35 years ago which was HMS Beagle and was based on a 48” fibreglass hull from David MacGregor.

 I now find myself retired from the rat race so decided to build myself a Thames Barge and after a lot of looking around and looking up the subject I decided on a hull from Models by design “Lady Daphne” which is in 1/24th scale which makes it 45” x 11.5”.

I made contacted with Richard Chesney of AMBO fame at the International Boat Show at Warwick and he helped me by supplying the plans and lots of books about building a Thames Barge.

I have just started work on the hull but had to wait until funds were enough to buy the balsa wood to start framing out, as you can see from the pictures this is as far as I have got (waiting for the glue to dry.)

bs part1_img_1

 On the next picture I have started to lay out the ribs using 6mm ply but I don’t know if they need to be thicker, if anyone reading this could let me know I would be most grateful.

bs part1_img_2

 Well that’s all for the moment, I will keep you posted.


Click Here for PART 2

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