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Home >> Barge Building >> Build Reports & Building Tips >> Building a Thames Barge by Bob Smith - Part 2

PostHeaderIcon Building a Thames Barge by Bob Smith - Part 2

Part 2

The first thing I had to do was laminate the gunwale which I used ½” x 1/8” balsa wood. The first laminate is epoxied into place just below the edge of the fibreglass edge, I used Araldite twin pack epoxy resin then the remaining three layers of balsa wood were glue in place using waterproof PVA glue.

I then got myself in a right pickle as I could not get the ribs and hatches to measure properly but after a phone call to Andy at Models By Design we figured out that the plans were 1.1/2” bigger than the hull so it was back to the drawing board and re-measured the plans starting from the bow measured to the centre and then from the stern into the centre.

I also found that the plywood ribs did not feel right, so over to the nearest B & Q and found a good supply of 6mm pine strip wood.

bs part2_img_1

And I found it was easier to shape and sand pine as you can see I have used plywood between the hatches so I have a firm base to fit the main mast tabernacle.

I now have to work on the stern area so that I can give it extra support for the mizzen mast so more of the 6mm pine strip wood for the ribs.

The next job was to make the hatch covers which I used 4mm strip pine wood as you have to allow for the curve of the deck from starboard to port and also the curve from bow to stern (did you notice I was getting quite nautical there), and using 0.8mm plywood I then cut out the deck covering.

bs part2_img_2

As you can see from the picture I have temporally put on the 0.8 plywood deck covering just to see what it looks like. It seems I have a lot more sanding to do on the hatch covers, so now I have only to save up my money to buy some more bits.

bs part2_img_3

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