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Home >> Barge Building >> Build Reports & Building Tips >> Building a Thames Barge by Bob Smith - Part 5

PostHeaderIcon Building a Thames Barge by Bob Smith - Part 5

Part 5 

If you have been following the series part 4 ended with a photo of Lady D showing the deck. Now how many of you spotted the deliberate mistake! Have a look at the next two photos and see if you can see it.


Yes I left out the bulwarks; thanks to Kim of Kimosubby Shipyards that spotted this so I was able to rebuild this section also I have covered the hatches.


I stretched the canvas over the frame and glued down the edges then I cut out the boards from balsa wood made up the supports (that’s the little black bits) from pine and then sealed the balsa wood and then painted with oak varnish.

The next thing I had to tackle was to make the hinge on the rudder which entailed silver soldering pieces of brass together, well that was the idea but as all the best plans of mice and men it went totally wrong. I could not get the pencil torch to work properly and when I did I could not get the brass hot enough so it was back to plan B, out came the 25 watt solder iron, tin of flux and started and below you can see the results.


As you can see I have also connected up the servo and surprise, surprise it work so now it is on to getting some paint on it.

The paint I am using is “plasto-kote” fast dry enamel which is available from most DIY stores also “Holts” car spray. The hull has been sprayed with several coats of primer and then sanded down between coats, after this the top coat was added and also sanded between coats.


The deck was hand painted in harbour blue which also was sanded down in between coats which when finished will be sprayed in the clear matt varnish, the reason for spraying everything in the clear matt varnish is to give it a hard finish so hopefully it will protect the boat against to much damage.


The bulwarks and hold sides were painted in Buff and the deck was repainted and the white stripes were added.

I have altered the colour scheme from the one above just to be awkward so here is the latest scheme.


I have also started on the scroll work on the stern as per the wonderful instructions by Kim of Kimosuby Dockyard which you can find on the A.M.B.O. web site this has been printed so far on paper and just place there to see the effect when finished it will be printed on veneered wood.


Well that’s all for the moment, don’t forget the

The South West Model and Hobbies Show

Saturday 31st March - Sunday 1st April 2012

See you there.

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