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Home >> Barge Building >> Build Reports & Building Tips >> Building a Thames Barge by Bob Smith - Part 7

PostHeaderIcon Building a Thames Barge by Bob Smith - Part 7

Part 7


I am afraid it has been very quiet on the Lady D front but the other day a managed to get some time to myself and I decided to fill the keel with some lead. The keel was purchased from Waverley Models which came in two halves formed in fibreglass so the first job to do was sand the surfaces and glue them together using twin pack epoxy resin I then reinforced the joint by using fibreglass tape and resin once it was dry I then started to add the lead shot in fact it took 4 Kilograms this was mixed with fibreglass resin to stabilise it in the keel also as the keel was being filled I had to add the bolt and wood dowels so that it can be attached to the hull finally I sealed the last ¼” with some black silicone which I had left over from another DIY job then I made a rubber gasket to protect the hull from the keel.


The next job was to drill the hull, this is when the old saying “measure twice drill once” comes into its own unfortunately I forgot this and drilled the holes in the wrong place but fortunately with the help of some fibreglass resin I filled the holes and re-drilled them in the right place.


One of the other jobs I managed to do was to fit the leeboard chains so off to my local haberdashery store and picked up some hooks and eyes which after a bit of twisting with a pair of pliers I turned them into shackles.


As you can see by using a panel pin you can make very effective shackles, the hooks & eyes will cost you about £1.20 per box and come in sizes 1, 2 & 3.

 The next job to tackle was the main mast which after fitting the tabernacle to the deck I had to fit the bottom of the mast to it, as you can see from the photos it was a case of filing and sanding.

 You first start with this.                             Then you turn it into this.


Fit it into the tabernacle                           Add the mast.


Using some of these tools.


Incidentally the mast is a carbon fibre fishing rod which was bought from a boot sale for £1.00, when you have finished cleaning it up you will find the length & width are just right and it comes with the perfect taper. 

Well that’s all for now as July and August are busy months for me going to various shows, maybe I'll see you at one!!

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