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Home >> Barge Building >> Build Reports & Building Tips >> Building a Thames Barge by Bob Smith - Part 8

PostHeaderIcon Building a Thames Barge by Bob Smith - Part 8

Part 8

Continuing on from building the first parts of the mast I then had to build the crosstrees, lower cap & top cap so it was over to the model shop to buy some brass and then after referring to some photos of how other people had made there’s I fired up the soldering iron and started.

Below is my attempt at it, which did not come out to bad, all I have to do now is to spray the parts with primer and then finish them with a flat white paint. The mast itself will be sprayed a brown colour.


While waiting for the parts to cool down gave me the opportunity to finish off the giggly bits, this was done by making sure the bits were the right size and then printing them in photo finish on a semi-gloss paper. Before they were cut to size I sprayed the printouts with several coats of clear matt varnish and then put some double sided carpet tape on the back and after that it was down to some careful scissor work to cut them out and stick them on the bow & stern and then some more spraying with the clear matt varnish.


Let’s hope the stay in place when the boat is in the water.

The next job on the to-do list was to fit the brass work on to the masts & spars this was done by getting hold of 8mm, 10mm and 12mm brass olives also brass screw eyes and fitting them onto various lengths of dowel which then fitting the brass eyes and soldering them into place, once all that had been done it was down to painting the various parts and finally spraying them all with clear matt varnish.


One of the jobs I have not been looking forward to is the rigging so after some thought and studying lots of photos I decided to have a go. My first job was to get some suitable chord to use; I got some 1mm waxed black cotton tried to put it around the deadeyes but all I seemed to do was get it in a tangle so it was back to the drawing board and after a bit of thought I made myself a jig which made life a lot easier.


I can also use the jig to make the lower deadeyes which I use braided picture wire which is twisted and soldered and using a small shackle I can fix them to chain plates.

As you can see from the photos I have temporarily placed some of the spars on the barge just to see what they look like.


Well that’s all for the moment, all I need to do now is save my money so I can buy some bits at the “Model Boat Show” Warwickshire Exhibition Centre

Friday 9th November to Sunday 11th November 2012

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