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From the ‘Times’ 26th August 2008

   There’s a warehouse development next to Tower Bridge where the residents are campaigning to have the Thames barge removed from the riverside. They are, apparently, an eyesore. What the owners of these waterfront pads don’t realise is that Thames barges built the warehouse that they live in. What we now call the brick barge dates from the mid 19th century. Once there were more than 2,000 on the river, but it took only two skilled watermen to guide these huge vessels. The brick barge has a distinguished lineage, going back to a Roman version found during developments in Blackfriars, and others carried the bricks used to rebuild London after the great Fire in 1666.

   The Mystery Wreck: It represents the majority of the 600 or more wrecks in the Thames, charismatic skeletons that speak about the time and place from which they set sail. She’s a Thames barge, and the crew liked a party: on board was an empty take-out from the Crown and Anchor pub in Woolwich, a whole jar of gin.