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MODEL BOATS Plans Service

Berwick House

8 – 10 Knoll Rise


Kent BR6 0EL


MM89             WILL EVERARD


Steel Coastal Barge built 1926 for F T Everard


96ft x 21ft                                                                                           Hull Length 24" (LOA 31½")


4 sheet plan giving Lines, General Arrangement, Sail Plan, and Model Construction. Scrap Sketches of Fittings. 16 page construction booklet.


Scale ¼" = 1ft


(Suitable for 2x enlargement to 1/24th Scale [½" = 1ft] as a sailing model)




MM1365         CELIA JANE


Designed and drawn by David Metcalf.


Fully detailed plans for a (typical/Semi scale) Thames Coastal Sailing Barge at ½" = 1ft (1/24)


                                                                                                            Hull Length 50"


3 sheet plan - half size General Arrangement and all Mast details, two full size Elevations, Deck Details and Sections and Model Construction, Plans including Bow and Stern Laminates and full Body Lines.




SY4                 KATHLEEN


Drawn by Edgar J March                                                                 Hull Length 16½"


5 sheet plans - Complete Scale Drawings of the actual Barge, giving details of Hull Lines and Construction, Deck Fittings, Sail Plan and all Rigging details. (At various scales)




SY5                 GIRALDA


Drawn by Edgar J March


Champion of the Thames and Medway most years between 1897 and 1904


                                                                                                            Hull Length 15"


General Arrangement and Sail Plans