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T O'Sullivan, 22 Lonsdale Court, Pin Green, STEVENAGE, Herts SG1 5EL


(Prices quoted are as at 1995)


ASPHODEL of Portsmouth


Built by Gill & Sons in 1900. Trading days ended as a Gunpowder Barge.


Drawn by J M Russell from measurements taken in association with L E Zouch in 1963 when the barge was in the ownership of the TBSC. Sail plan prepared by F S Cooper in 1964.


Sheet 1           Line plan and deck layout.                                       ¼" - 1ft

Sheet 2           Spars, standing rigging and details of ironwork    ¼" - 1ft & ½" - 1ft

Sheet 3           Sail Plan                                                                     ¼" - 1ft






ARROW of Rochester


Built in 1897 by Gill & Sons to a design by E A Gill and W L Wyllie.


Drawn by R S Wood in 1957 while owned by TBSC


4 sheets A3 size copied at various scales


Sheet 1           Hull with gear lowered

Sheet 2           Hull Lines

Sheet 3           Sail Plan

Sheet 4 Deck Fittings








Built by Archie White of Conyer in 1900 for Eastwoods the Brickmakers. She built up a reputation as a racing barge.


Drawn by R S Wood in 1968/9 when owned by TBSC


Sheet 1           Hull Lines and Deck Plan                                         ¼" - 1ft

Sheet 2           Sail and Rigging Plan                                               Scale approx ¾ hull lines








Built at Greenwich in 1894. She was a successful competitor in a number of Barge races.


Drawn by G R Weddell in 1958


Sheet 1           Hull Lines and deck plan                                          ¼" - 1ft

Sheet 2           Hull Lines containing body plan and details                       ¼" - 1ft

Sheet 3           Sail Plan and Standing Rigging                              1/8" - 1ft






LADY OF THE LEA (Now of Dover)


Built at Rotherhithe, London in 1931 for transporting War Department from Waltham Abbey. Originally Stumpy rigged with tiller steering, she was re-rigged as a Topsail Barge.


Redrawn by Peter Ferguson in 1975 from the builders plans, and the Barge after conversion to a housebarge.


Sheet 1           Hull Elevations, Sail Plan, Cabin & Deck Plans    ¼" - 1ft






VERONA of London


Built in 1905 by Shrubshall at Greenwich. After her trading days she sailed to Sweden and was used as a drawing office by architect Ralph Erskine.


A large decorative sheet drawn by Ralph Erskine includes sail and rigging plans, deck plan, interior sections of her conversion, details of rigging, barge bobs and historical sketches.