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1/48th scale                23” hull length


1/24th scale                46” hull length       


Several fine models have been made from this plan so it would appear to have enough construction information.






1/48th scale


1/24th scale


The plan is very comprehensive and can be used to construct a very accurate model.


LADY DAPHNE can usually be seen at St Katherines Dock near the
Tower of London






From an old copy of Model Maker magazine. Very small scale drawing so of little practical use.






The plans for this vessel were found in several old copies of a Newsletter from the Wembley Model Ship Society. The information comprised plans and a series of articles concerned with the construction of the vessel. Part of that information was given to the Society by an ex Barge Builder, so that the detail of the Hull construction is especially useful because of its prototypical accuracy and is sufficiently detailed to build a very comprehensive model.