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PostHeaderIcon Code of Conduct

   The Officer of the Day will be in charge of race conduct and will call and adjudicate on incidents as they happen.

   Wind, weather and other unavoidable causes (breakage, radio failure etc) will be taken into consideration by the OOD when deciding to call a penalty and should also be taken into consideration by all skippers racing and involved in what is probably an unavoidable incident.

    Note also that there are some skippers who are inexperienced in the ways of sailing and racing scale model Sailing Barges - which are not the handiest of models for manoeuvring in tight spaces / light air conditions - and might inadvertently cause 'incidents'.

  As the intention is that we race scale models then care should be taken in all close manoeuvres – especially at the start and rounding buoys.

   It is also up to the individual skippers to declare and take penalties as they occur if not called by the OOD.

   All 360° penalty turns should be taken off the racing line without hindering/baulking any Barges racing, before the end of the lap.

   The racing (and barracking) shall be undertaken in a gentlemanly fashion to enable the racing to be enjoyed and fair.

Remember we are out to enjoy a days sailing with a good finish position as a bonus, show model Sailing Barges to the public, encourage model building and an interest in the full size prototypes.