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PostHeaderIcon Class Specification

There have been changes made to the class specifiations for 2010 mainly in the areas of scale fidelity and rig sizes for 'typical' barges

Barge Classes


Bowsprit                         1/24th scale with under 45” hull length


Staysail                            1/24th scale with under 45” hull length


Coastal                           1/24th Scale with a hull length over 45” and under 50” – Beam and depth of side should reflect the prototype dimensions of these larger vessels.


   Unless you are building a true scale model in respect of hull form, sail plan and rigging - then the following specification should be followed:


1/24th Scale                 Bowsprit and Staysail             Coastal

Hull length                    Under 45”                             45” – 50”

Mast height                   Maximum 40”                      Maximum 47”

Head stick                     Under 5 ½”                           Under 5 ½”

Sprit                               Maximum 30”                     Maximum 33”




30”                                       Approx. 1/35th – 1/40th scale with a hull length under 30”, a class originally based on the HFM KATHLEEN and including the Richard Webb KITTY semi-scale model but now encompassing all small barges.


   Unless you are building a true scale model in respect of hull form, sail plan and rigging – then the following specification should be followed:


30” class  

Hull length                    Under 30”

Mast Height                  Under 30”

Head Stick                    Under 3 ½”

Sprit                             maximum 22 ½”




   The above standardisation of specification is an attempt to prevent ‘super large’ non scale rigs being used and causing arguments on the fairness of the racing - unless on a scale model of a barge that sailed with a ‘big rig’.


   Therefore do not be disturbed if you see a tape measure being taken to various parts of your barge during a meeting!




12”                                       Fun class with 12” hull length in either Bowsprit, Staysail or Coastal configuration.



Scale Fidelity       Due to the lack of accurate full size barge plans and thus model plans to work from, the models should as accurately as possible represent the hull form, scale detail, sail plan and rigging of full-size Barges.


                                    Ideally the mast and spars should reflect the construction material of the prototype.


                                    The intention is that the races are sailed by scale models of Thames and Medway Sailing Barges. (Known scale plans are listed at the end)


                                    It is appreciated though that we all have differing abilities and facilities for modelling, and that some boats will be raced during the ‘fitting out’ stage of their life.


Sails                      It is preferred that the Mainsail, Topsail Foresail and Mizzen sails are of a natural fibre (Cotton, linen etc) or a natural/man made mix (Polycotton for example) rather than a pure man made fibre (Nylon or similar) – thus giving a more natural and scale look to the models.


                                    The Staysail may be made of a lighter weight material preferably natural (draughting linen, silk) but man made fibre (Rip Stop Nylon etc) will be reluctantly tolerated!!


                                    The sails should be loose footed as in the full size unless a Boomie or Ketch barge or with proven evidence of a boom. The number of sails radio controlled is up to the individual skippers.


Keels                                 An area of contention in some quarters – but up to the individual skippers preference for length/ area/weight (and depending on the depth of the venues water!) And it shall be fixed in a fore & aft direction (ie. it shall not rotate)


Radio Control         No restriction on the number of channels used.

                                    27 Mhz, 40 Mhz and 2.4Ghz within the JRCUC prescribed bands.


Identification            It would help the Officer of the Day if the Barges are uniquely identifiable by colour, Bob or Topsail markings.




Known Scale Plans for building:


WILL EVERARD                   MAP Plan – believed not to be a true scale plan!


LADY DAPHNE                    Underhill Plan                        

           Models by Design GRP Hull


CAMBRIA                             L E Zouch detailed plan


SIRDAR                                  Richard C Plan from MAP 1962 drawings


JAMES PIPER                       Richard C Plan redrawn to 1/24th Scale from MBO Survey 1958 / Weddell Plan  


VERONICA                            Richard C Plan from MAP 1962 drawings and J M Russell 1962 MBO survey


WESTMORELAND               TSBT small scale Plan

                                                         Richard C Plan redrawn to 1/24th Scale


PORTLIGHT                         MBO Survey 1963                

and sister vessels                               Mastman GRP Hull


VENTA                                   David Macgregor Plan          

Kingston Mouldings Hull (Close to scale)


KATHLEEN                          E J March / MAP / Remploy Plan


GIRALDA                              E J March / MAP / Uffa Fox Plan


1896 Champion Barge           Small scale E J March Plan


KITTY                                    MBO survey 1963 - Hull and Sections only


VERONA                                          Hull and Sections only


MAY                                       Outline Hull and Sections only


WOLSEY                                Hull and Sections only but from detailed L E Zouch 1962 survey


REDOUBTABLE                  Hull and Sections only


NORTHDOWN                     Hull and Sections only


Some of the above are outline or limited detail hull drawings and sections only. The scales are variable but can be printed to 1/24th if required




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