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Home >> MTSBC Rules >> Revised MTSBC Points Scoring System for 2012

PostHeaderIcon Revised MTSBC Points Scoring System for 2012

Scoring for the race series

   As you may be aware, over the last couple of years, different methods have been tried to attempt to achieve a points system that removes certain anomalies and provides a system that is fairer and better reflects the season as a whole. And it must be admitted the 2011 - despite all the calculations and test scores didn't give a satisfactory outcome (well somebody won and it wasn't me!! )

  Unfortunately we have not got it right yet, thus for 2012 we are reverting to nearly the system used by Tony Lench betweem 1989 and 1996.

   And if anyone can come up with a better system they can run the race series in 2013!!

Points System:-

   The points awarded for each race will be dependant on the finishing position in the race, will be the same for all classes and will apply to the boat and skipper combination. Remember: A change of boat during the year starts a new Barge / Skipper combination for finals points scoring purposes.

   The points awarded for finishing positions are:   1st       1 pt

                                                                                          2nd    2 pts

                                                                                          3rd     3pts       etc

   At each venue the skipper with the least number of points from the best two results will be awarded a 'Gold' medal.

Qualifying for the Championship Final:-

   A barge / skipper combination must attend a minimum of four venues and the best race result from each event added together shouln't exceed 16 points.

    The Finals scoring will be the same as the qualifying venues and the Finals will be a match in their own right..

   Barges not qualifying for the Championship Finals (insufficient venue attendances or positions) for their relevant classes will be invited to the event to take part in the Bowsprit, Staysail, Coastal and 30” (Little’uns) Barge Matches for other trophies / awards.

   In 2011 the qualification requirements resulted in a total of 14 Skipper finalists with 16 boats in the three classes raced (4 Bowsprit, 7 Staysail, 5 30”,). There were actually 57 skippers taking part in 128 races at the 13 venues with some taking part in more than one class – making 68 ‘competitors’ (Skipper / Barge combination). 

it is hoped that  approximately 8 skippers will qualify to race in each class at the finals.

Before there is any argument………

   which there will be - the state of play in all respects of scoring, qualification etc will be assessed as the season goes on.

   And if you wish to take over in 2013 let me know .

Last Updated (Saturday, 14 April 2012 13:40)